2020 Program

The National Christmas Market will host different vendors and crafters on a weekly rotation. Every week, you will have the chance to taste the best of the best from our vendors and discover a plethora of crafters.

What better way to celebrate our similarities then to invite embassies to participate in our festivities. Each week, you will have the chance to experience different cultures through their customary holiday traditions and meals.

Week 1: Celebrate Europe
Week 2: Celebrate Africa
Week 3: Celebrate Asia
Week 4: Celebrate America

A full list of embassies and vendors participating at the National Christmas Market will be available soon!!!

The National Christmas Market will host the following activities
*Santa pictures
*Christmas tree
*Christmas decor
*Ornament wall – Portion of funds collected will be donated to a not-for-profit organization supporting women entrepreneurs
*Nativity story – December 23,2020 
*Christmas carols
*Surprise Saturday – There will be a surprise every Saturday! That’s all we can say!

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